37 – Intrigue

37 – Intrigue

How does she know he’s cute? He’s wearing a frackin’ *mask!* And… ears… and a cape?

<3 LARPers.

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  1. Renold says:

    But to me, he’ll always be the Big Bad Wolf. 😀

  2. Myra Safetydance says:

    Shushmup. I was there when the ears were BORN. When he picked out the hat and is all “Mel… what do you think about adding /ears/ to this?” and she goes “Yeah thats totally doable…”

  3. darthmiho says:

    Bah, get back to me when the entire local geek community and most of the people at the university of 15k know your roommate simply as, “catears” or when said roommate’s name with regards to official club matters with at least one club is “catears” even though everyone knows his actual name.

  4. Myra Safetydance says:

    lol hi darth


  5. Kaitlyn-Geek cubed says:

    i love geeks!!!!!