371 – Come Play With Us

371 – Come Play With Us

Looks like Renold’s not too receptive of larping. Sad. He’s missing out.

I just played in the alpha run of my friend’s newest game yesterday, and it was a lot of fun! If you are into this sort of thing, I’d definitely recommend it and the rest of the games during Palindrome weekend at RPI. There are still a couple slots in a few games available. Come play with me and a whole lot of other, much more awesome people!

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  1. styg says:

    Awesome. That was how I got tempted into trying LARP too XD

  2. Wouser says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, and so is Izzy.

  3. Renold says:

    Most fun ways to play a LARP:
    -pretend you know everything when your backstory tells you nothing
    -pretend you know nothing when your backstory tells you everything

    Either of these will usually pull you into plots you weren’t meant to be in, and make for some excellent shenanigans along the way. 😀

  4. Paul Rapoport says:

    Palindrome! Wheee! Which games are you in?

  5. J~~ says:

    But when you LARP you can troll and dick around with nerds in NEW AND EXCITING WAYS!

  6. corvuscorone68 says:

    seems to me Renold’s See Above comment breaks the fourth wall, not that this comic has never done that before

  7. FreeFlier says:

    I’ve used the “see above” comment IRL.

    Usually in a similar situation . . . though not about RP. Football, OTOH . . . :-S