372 – Come Play With Us 2

372 – Come Play With Us 2

So how many of you blazed through Portal 2 already? All of you? Thought so.

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  1. ccbcmdwtf says:

    Best line in the game that can be given w/o spoilers: Burning things? He’s saying what we’re all thinking!

  2. BriGuy92 says:

    Smooth jazz will be deployed in three. Two. One.

  3. J~~ says:

    No, I promised myself that I wouldn’t play it until after I’m done with finals. Only 2 more days…

    My computer has been helping me by refusing to download it 🙁

  4. Mirenheart says:

    I cant afford it! :'(

  5. stygimoloch says:

    My computer isn’t good enough to run it, sadly.
    Even though I was massively disappointed in the original Portal, I’m still excited about playing Portal 2.

  6. The One Guy says:

    I still haven’t played the original; my computer hates any program that uses Steam for some reason. Needless to say, that restriction is more than a little annoying.

  7. Paul Rapoport says:

    How are you holding up? Because I’m a potato.

  8. ccbcmdwtf says:

    I’m in space

  9. The Cat says:

    I played it straight through, the moment it came out. I still feel the sleep deprivation, and it feels good.

  10. werekitty13 says:

    I’m rather depressed about that. Since I run Linux, Steam doesn’t run very well.

  11. ragnarok says:

    woo, portal 2! It was so good, I finished it in one sitting, starting when it was released and ending right before my 8am the next day 😀
    (also, only 2 achievements left)

  12. L says:

    Portal 2 Portal 2 Portal 2……

  13. Firekeeper says:

    Game was fun, and fast, and then I bought it, and I beat it again, and co-op with my brother is so aggravating cause he sucks. *takes a breath*

  14. quill says:

    [wide-eyed confusion]

    But…why is it acceptable for this male person to value the girl’s attention over the boy’s? Why are boys allowed – no, encouraged – to behave in these sneaky ways to try to coerce girls into liking them? Why can’t Nash just be a nice and virtuous human being? Why, instead, is he acting like a Nice Guy (TM) and why are you and the other characters tolerating it?

  15. lake_wrangler says:

    @quill: Are you being serious?

    He’s not trying to coerce the girl into liking him… he’s… twitterpated (nearly everybody gets twitterpated, around springtime…)