376 – The Perfect Cast

376 – The Perfect Cast

(Title inspired by A Goofy Movie, of which I’ve been recently reminded.)

In celebration of Palindrome this weekend, here’s Renold in drag. Sufficiently disturbed? Excellent.

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  1. fangrider says:

    WOOT FIRST, Also ROFLOLMAOMG kali is probably somewhere on a giant mountaintop laughing so hard people for miles can hear it

  2. Chris W. says:

    I like how you accurately represented the hair both on his chest and stomach. Well played!

    I actually can’t remember a specific time when Renold’s RL counterpart was crosscast, but I’m sure it was just as horrifying as you’ve depicted here!

  3. featherbrain says:

    Wait, so who had a padded bra lying around for such an occasion? Also, bleeprin time!

  4. MrGBH says:

    This has happened to me before. Not for LARP, but for a play.
    Seriously, what is it with girls and wanting to put makeup on guys?

  5. Renold says:

    Chris – I played Ozma in The Future of Oz. I’m sure I was crosscast a few other times, but I think that was the only one I costumed for.

  6. Paul Rapoport says:

    Waiting in Carnegie. So excited!

  7. werekitty13 says:


  8. Sam N says:

    I caught up, now for some sleep 😀

  9. quill says:

    [tilts head] I don’t get it. When girls dress up like boys, it means people treat them more like real humans. I know I feel safer, get hit on less, and get treated with more respect when I dress in manlier ways.

    But when boys dress like girls, they’re pansies, sissies, or freaks. Then people make fun of them for trying to get out of the strait-jacket of traditional masculinity, and sometimes that fun proceeds to fairly significant brutality. Julia Serrano calls this “transmisogyny,” and it’s been a contributing factor in a number of murders of male-assigned-at-birth transgender women. That presenting more femininely means people treat you more like garbage is a true thing – the transphobic narratives that men in dresses are “traps” or “disgusting” are well-worn. I don’t understand how that’s *funny.*

    Men! With chest hair! Dressing all gender-variant and queer! The horror, let me break out my pitchfork!