379 – Just Too Innocent

379 – Just Too Innocent

So, somebody in high school told me that a certain type of Japanese animation was merely intended for adults, and that the difference between it and anime is that anime is meant for children. The examples given for “anime” were “Pokemon” and “Cardcaptors,” (not “Cardcaptor Sakura”) and the examples of the other variety were “Cowboy Bebop” and “Yu Yu Hakusho.” Seriously. I cannot make this stuff up.

I made an ass of myself for many years until college finally straightened that up for me. Kinda wish I never knew.

In other news, it’s about time somebody trolled Kali, even if unknowingly.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Is Kali sitting or something? I find it hard to believe the height difference is that big.

    Possible ideas for Kali trolling:
    • Compare her to Edward Elric (probably not, because she’s not as sensitive about her height as he is)
    • Say, “though there are girls on the net, they only make up [actual statistic minus 10%] of the population” (find the approximate statistic for websites she frequents)
    • Make a big deal out of her not being allowed to buy drinks because her ID cards look fake (invisibility probably being her touchiest subject)
    • Insist that dubs are ok as long as they’re well-done, then refer to a mediocre dub as an example
    • Expanding on the above, insist that a recent (but not very good) game/movie is better than one of her favorites, just because it’s recent (actually, I suspect this could work on almost anyone)

    Note: Please don’t actually do any of these. The world isn’t actually in need of more trolls. And if you do it anyway, I’d rather you don’t credit me.

  2. featherbrain says:

    Oh, man. I had a friend like this. She was only a year or two younger than us, but, wow, it really seemed to make a difference. I think her brain would have exploded at that sort of thing. Our group of friends went so far, for a time, as to conspire to keep her from even reading things like twilight, as that would’ve lead to breaking dawn, which would’ve been… bad.

  3. MrGBH says:

    I didn’t even realise that there were so much as pictures of that sort until I did an innocent search for Misty from Pokemon with safesearch deactive.
    I’ve never been the same again.

  4. Baughbe says:

    Ah…er…um… nevermind, she’ll learn in her own time if need be.

    Love the hat angle in third panel. I can just tell she has her face in the palms of both hands there.

  5. Chris W. says:

    @Joseph – Kali is clearly half-asleep on a bed or chair at the time of talking, much like her RL counterpart. 😀

  6. fangrider says:

    *trying to picture kali’s real life counterpart* O.o

  7. Lukkai says:

    Funny thing is.

    Until a few years ago, first thing I had to do after mentioning that I like anime to people was to explain to them, that they’re not all about Urotsukidouji and La Blue Girl. Pokemon actually had the advantage for me, not to be automatically treated as a pervert anymore. (Instead I was now treated as childish. Meh!)

    Then came things like Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Mononoke Hime, Chihiro, Naruto… Nowadays the only negative reaction I risk to get is to be thought of as a hanger-on to a trend.

  8. Renold says:

    “Though there are girls on the internet, they only make up -4.15% of the population.”


  9. reynard61 says:

    Urgh! I’ve had this conversation too. I broke it down like so:

    1. “Anime” is simply the Japanese term for animation.

    2. Just as there are different genre (as opposed to artistic) styles within American animation, there are different genre styles within anime. Whether it’s children’s anime (Pokemon, etc.), Shounen/Shoujo (InuYasha, Bleach, etc.) or Yuri/Yaoi/Hentai; if it’s made in Japan, it’s anime.

  10. Joseph says:

    Renold: Well played. As such, it probably wouldn’t work on Kali, but it almost worked on me.

  11. DevilJinKazama says:

    Am I the only one that reads Eirian’s lines in the Teen Titans Starfire voice?
    I’m not sure why I do, but I just do.

  12. Jenny says:


    That’s pretty much how I hear her too.