38 – No Place Like Home

38 – No Place Like Home

I actually really like dorm life. The family you build there outweighs any of the usually cited inconveniences (cost, noise, door socks, etc.) And when you can sleep through Pearl Harbor, it’s even better!

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  1. darthmiho says:

    I herby counter with a floor full of people who would rather make your life hell than be a decent soul to you. I spent most of my first year in a public 24 hour area with my actual friends rather than be around those shitfaced, wretched, beyond horrid, bastard sons and daughters of a drunken giant that made up my floor. With the exception of my roommate I hated them to the last man, same to my RA’s, who fostered that community that cast me out. I curse them unto the seventh generation of their houses! A pox upon them I say! May their reigns last days and their deaths years!

    Yeah, I didn’t like the people on my floor. Took me half a quarter to actually meet much of anyone.

  2. NoriMori says:

    Door socks? :S