382 – Mirage of Summer

382 – Mirage of Summer

It’s almost summer, and summer brings people outside! Well, regular people maybe.

Also, this is funny ’cause it’s true.

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  1. J~~ says:

    But there are only six girls on campus, and Kali and Myra are in the room, Lyta is a hardcore feminist, so she probably wouldn’t appreciate guys staring, WiredWolf42 is not likely to wear a bikini, and Julian probably wouldn’t like the other guys staring at Penny in a bikini.
    So that leaves Eirian in a bikini. Why is every guy on campus (especially Nash) not already out there?

  2. Joseph says:

    As I posted back on #374, there were two other girls featured in the Prof Quotes arc plus one in the comic Cycle of Masochism, so it could be them instead.

    I like the professor quotes, by the way.

  3. J~~ says:

    That’s three girls, so they’d need at least one more (unless they’re doing one-on-one, but that doesn’t seem too likely). So I stand by my “Eirian in a bikini” statement.

    And I would like to add to my previous post that Penny is playing flash games, so she wouldn’t be out there, no matter what Julian’s opinions are. 🙂

  4. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    If im playing minecraft and iv got a good thing going im gonna ignore girls in bikinis too

  5. MrGBH says:

    I’d probably ask if it was being recorded and would be on Youtube later.

  6. L says:

    Those Prof. quotes are so very funny!

  7. banjo2E says:


    And totally accurate, too. 😀

  8. dr pepper says:

    I think this stereotype has pretty much been done to death. When i was in college, mumblety years ago, the sex ratio in both engineering and computer science was 50-50, and we didn’t think anything of it.

  9. Joseph says:

    dr pepper: The ratio at RPI is still more than 2:1, and this comic is an exaggerated depiction of life at RPI…

  10. quill says:

    Dr. Pepper: I’m sorry to say gender balance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the USA is not improving very quickly, and in computer science it’s gotten much worse since the 80’s. [1] Horrible true facts from my personal life: in 2010, the RPI Computer Science class of 2012 had seventy-something male students and four female students, at least one of whom has since dropped out. Also, gendered bullshit in that place ran rampant and I didn’t realize how violently defensive and angry my feminism had become at RPI until I escaped. Wikipedia says the number of female undergrads in CS is now under 12%. [2]

    [1] http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/16/business/16digi.html
    [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_computing#The_gender_gap

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