383 – Doctors Wear Jumpsuits

383 – Doctors Wear Jumpsuits

The same school had the princess of Thailand as their commencement speaker. How awesome is that?!

For those of you too lazy to Google: here’s your link.

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  1. fangrider says:

    FIRST! i agree about the outfit, and id like to announce wakeing up at 1 in the morning has its advantages

  2. banjo2E says:

    …If she was born in the sixties, how is she in a 1952 film?

    also TMNT HELL YES

  3. Renold says:

    I’ve never seen anything she’s been in, and the only ones I’ve even HEARD of are Law and Order and TMNT. >.>; I obviously need to play less video games and watch more TV.

  4. Kayleigh says:

    Amusing…she played a character named Jenny Blanchard. 🙂

  5. MrGBH says:

    I have seen precisely 0 shows or movies with her in. Yup, not even the Turtles ones.