384 – Lethal Weapons

384 – Lethal Weapons

A word of friendly warning.

I’m watching some magical girl anime in the lounge as I post this. I don’t really get it. They don’t know Perl at all… and everyone knows that the more Perl you know, the more of a magical girl you are.

Or maybe that’s just me.

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  1. GONZALO says:

    hehehe hilarious

  2. MrGBH says:

    And thus we see Penny’s first foray into the Dark Side.

    I now want to see Penny as a Sith.

  3. Lix Lorn says:

    Bewbs cause Unnatural Mental Influence. =D

  4. Mark says:

    Sure woulda worked on me in college!! Probably works now, too.

    Penny has learned she possesses a great power. Will she use it for Good?

  5. Nat Budin says:

    In that case I am a somewhat magical girl. And Dave is a much more magical girl than I am.

    Not to start any language wars, but lately I’ve found Ruby much more magical than Perl…

  6. The One Guy says:

    But I thought she said she couldn’t pause the game. How could she take her hands away from the keyboard for that long?!

  7. SQLGuru says:

    Nerd girls are hot!

    @TheOneGuy it was between levels when the ad shows.

  8. BlueAnubis says:

    Hey now! That’s just not fair! That look is reserved for sending him to:
    A. Pick something up that is more than an hour away.
    Or B. Rob a bank.
    If you go around using it all willy nilly, his head will explode Fallout 3 style, leaving nothing but a red mist.

  9. Ambline says:

    I just read your entire comic. And my verdict IS…………

    Can I please come live with you?

  10. drmike says:

    What? Did you say something? Um, I was distracted….

  11. Lukkai says:

    Three words for you:


    Btw: What series are you watching?

  12. J~~ says:

    Is that two comics in a row with Julian being influenced by Penny’s looks? What is going on here?

    Also, is it wrong to think that Penny looks incredibly sexy in that panel.

  13. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    Well im pretty clearly a sad weak bastard. If any of my exes tried that on me it probably woulda worked

  14. Domo says:

    @Lukkai Madoka which is a delightful deconstruction of the magical girl genre

  15. Lukkai says:

    Ah, yeah. Heard about that one, seen the start of it at the small (read around 1000 visitors) j-culture convention in my city last weekend. Looked promising to me.

  16. Polydad says:

    Excellent job on the Sultry Look, and it’s only appropriate under the circumstances for her to grow a couple of cup sizes.

  17. xXDarkWolfXx says:

    Also it seems she got a natural 20 on a seduction check

  18. Bill M. says:

    With a great rack comes great responsibility. 🙂

    Also, I agree that the more magical girls know about programming computers, the more magical they are.

  19. Paul says:

    At the company where i”m interning, there’s a rule…
    If you want more than one line of perl, you want python
    If you want more than 20 lines of python, you want C++.

  20. Eldrich Belmont says:

    +20 to seduction
    +40 to fun!