387 – The Little Interruptions

387 – The Little Interruptions

… are a huge part of what make your college experience.

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  1. Jay Walker says:

    And on top of all that you can’t take your computer stuff to the VCC. =(

  2. styg says:

    Boy, students huh? In my day summer was a nice intermission from studying. Sunshine! Beer gardens, exploration of the local landscape, picnics in the countryside, cocktails and barbecue in the garden with friends! I know a lot of people leave in summer, but that just gives you a reason to get to better know the friends who are staying.

  3. The One Guy says:

    Summer used to be a time to do absolutely nothing but sit at a computer all day, then came the co-op program I’m in, and now I don’t even get a summer break. Then again, my co-op job involves sitting at a computer the entire time and many of my classes durring a school quarter do too, so I tend to sit at a computer all day anyway.

  4. drmike says:

    I actually stayed at school during the summer. Only way I got any real work done….