393 – Upgrade Complete Part 4

393 – Upgrade Complete Part 4

So guys! Apparently I have the chance to get an actual table at Connecticon this year. So, I have some questions for my modest army (that’s you).

1. How many of you guys go to Connecticon?

2. If you were to go, what would you wanna see for sale on this table? (Buttons, prints, sketches, anything interesting I didn’t think of, etc.)

3. What would you like to see on this table that isn’t necessarily for sale? (This question is aimed more at stuff like “would you like to see behind-the-scenes unfinished art, or the cast book, or whatever”)

4. If you were to buy prints, would you prefer them to be strips (if so, which ones) or just related Enjuhneer art, or both?

Market research for the win? Anyways, enjoy the comic 🙂

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  1. Joseph says:

    “Otherdorm”… I like the name.

    1. Sorry; not me.
    2. I don’t tend to buy stuff, so I can’t help too much with this, but one possibility would be to go in with a couple mostly-complete sketches and then fill in the unfinished parts based on what the buyer wants (for example, bring in an image of tails with a trebuchet and let the buyer choose what goes in his speech bubble).
    3. If I was going, I’d be interested in browsing the cast book.
    4. Related art. Again, I don’t tend to buy stuff, but I would find related art more tempting than strips.

  2. Sarah says:

    1) I will! It’s actually my favorite con.
    2) Along with what you suggested (buttons are hella easy to make, just sayin’), whatever crafts you do are my favorite small artist purchases. If you crochet, felt, weld, whatever, make some Enjuhneer-related projects and put ’em on the table for mucho dinero.
    3) Maybe a Connecticon-exclusive minibook?
    4) Both, but I’d say that if you were to make prints of the comics you should stick to your top 5 or 10 favorites/most viewed.

    A lot of these are probably unfeasible for the month in which you will be preparing for Connecticon, but if they’re not, I’d love to see those things at your shiny new artist’s table!

  3. AcousticShadow says:

    1. I might be going to C. Con. My boyfriend might get a booth. I’m hoping at least.

    2.Buttons are fun! I agree with the book as well. Also having drawings of the cast. key chains are also fun.

    3.You might also want to go to one of those websites and get free buisness cards to give out to people so after the con they have your website to check out and maybe gain a bigger readership.

    4. I don’t buy much scetch/print stuff at cons personally, but when I do it is usually something that embodies the reason I like something. Usually a favorite character, or a favorate strip. I’m more likely to buy a button, shirt or coffee mug than a sketch, but that is me and I’m not typical. I will usually only buy a sketch if it is super awesome or if it is drawn for me particularly. (which is very very rare)

  4. Josh says:

    Congrats on getting a table at Conneticon!

    It’s a wonderful con. There’s a lot of interesting characters, and there’s a lot of stuff to do. I’ll pay you a visit, and give you a hug if you let me!

  5. MrGBH says:

    Wait, so ‘girls’ is sexist but ‘ladies’ isn’t? I fail to see the logic behind that.
    Also, loving Wolf’s new look.

  6. Psychlycan says:

    Of new things to bring, I suggest Enjuhneer the flamethrower!

  7. Hyperpoly says:

    just finished reading through the archive
    funny stuff

  8. FreeFlier says:

    I like WiredWolf42’s ears . . . though the tail should be reacting too.

    The canines are a nice touch too.