401 – Happy Fourth

401 – Happy Fourth

Wonder where Kali got those from…

Happy Fourth of July, those of you in America! I have no work today, so I’ll be doing prep for CONNECTICON and then watching shiny explosions.

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Discussion (7)¬

  1. Santa Clause says:

    I was wondering where I left my fireworks, Kali is back on the naughty list.

  2. Smee says:

    A little hard to read. But of course Kali could find/have/get those made at EIT. Good fireworks are all about engineering.

    I wonder if EIT has an Explosions Club.

  3. Renold says:

    Yes, but the members prefer to call themselves “Chem majors”.

  4. werekitty13 says:

    Is that shading or the start of a beard?

  5. Joseph says:

    werekitty13: It’s also present in comic 400, so I’d guess it’s a beard.

  6. drmike says:

    I;m sorry but I don;t understand the last fireworks. What does it say please?

  7. Lukkai says:

    It’s: YOU ARE SO OLD