421 – The Other Side

421 – The Other Side

Here’s a new guys bathroom at Enjuhneer. It’s new because it’s not covered in abstract mathematics or Nietzschean philosophy… yet.

Still got a Friday comic in! I almost missed my first non-illness-related update… sadface.

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  1. reynard61 says:

    Have you ever *BEEN* in a *ahem* “men’s” (though I hesitate to use the term) restroom?! They’re usually covered in more than just abstract mathematics and Nietzschean philosophy — most of it unrepeatable on a civilized website such as this. (And a vast majority of it probably mis-spelled too!) Also, monkeys aren’t the only mammals that throw their poo. Many a drunken fratboy has “painted” their stall in such a manner. (I know this, because I was one of the maintenance staff that had to clean it up afterward!)

  2. pat says:

    As a matter of full disclosure, I went to the other RPI (Rose) before it went co-ed. As I recall, we had a bathroom, or maybe it was just the mirror, that was donated by one of the classes. A few years before the Rose finally went co-ed, the main building was renovated. As an engineering school, they left the construction open for view by the students. It was a shame to see they still had huge mens’ restroom, and only one or two stalls for the woman’s (yes, I think there was only one in the entire building) restroom.

    On the ID challenge, they first two were obvious, but after that, I haven’t found the pattern. Been too busy with work to hack at it more.

  3. Smee says:

    No public bathroom is that new. Besides, at EIT, you just know somebody is going to write FIRST.

  4. littlebeast says:

    At UCSC, there are these plaques above the urinals that say “We are dedicated to saving water” or something like that; someone has crossed off “water” and replaced it with “capital” on every single one.

    In one of the bathrooms, this led to a debate on whether the urinals are actually saving money or not.

    It’s actually pretty hilarious.

  5. AflacMan13 says:

    Isn’t Kali female? You would think she would (especially being at an Engineering school) be able to figure out that a female urinating from a standing position is not very practical in ANY setting. I mean the US Military has put into use a device that is being used by females down range in combat zones to facilitate this for expediency and sanitational purposes but, it is still not very practical (as well as completely impossible without removing the lower garments) without the device.