423 – Graffiti

423 – Graffiti

Apparently Enjuhneer’s about bathrooms now.

Thanks to Foam Brain for helping me write this! Having help from someone who’s actually been in a men’s bathroom stall is useful!

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  1. Netherlolz says:

    What’s with the interest in the mens restroom all of a sudden?

  2. InvisibleDale says:

    Wishful thinking?

  3. Smee says:

    Now that’s a bathroom.

  4. nightarix says:

    for some reason i find the piece of paper amusing… and i wonder how many people are going to end up calling that phone number XD

  5. MrGBH says:

    I need to write down that top left one and write it in a toilet somewhere.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s still pretty clean for bathroom stall writing. It should include at least 3 differant slurs for the reproductive organs.

  7. SQLGuru says:

    Most graffitti is written such that it can be done from a single position. Any of the ones that go looooonnnnggg wouldn’t be the case….they’d be word-wrapped. And more should be positioned where it could be done from a seated position. And not a single drawing. And feminine handwriting…..

  8. MrGBH says:

    @SQLGuru: This isn’t just any bathroom, this is an EIT bathroom. It’s quite probable that the people writing the graffiti go in there purely to write the graffiti.

  9. Andy4Hire says:

    The graffiti in the men’s room stall of a divinity school men’s room I saw once was surprisingly intellectual, roughly on par with the Schrodinger exchange you have here.

    My freshman-year RA taped big pieces of paper in the stalls along with pens hanging from strings. We thought it was a great idea, but most of what the guys wrote would be totally inappropriate for even a PG-13 webcomic. One exception (and one of the few comments I specifically remember): “[RA’s name] is a chick magnet!” and underneath, in different handwriting, “Yeah–the end that repels them!”

  10. Wowzer says:

    I wonder what happens if I call tha phone number…

  11. drmike says:

    Wowzer, from google’ing it’s a time warner cable phone bank.

  12. OffTheCliff1 says:

    that is quite possibly the most polite bathroom stall I’ve ever seen

  13. Josh says:

    Clean graffiti!? Is such a thing actually possible!?

  14. Lukkai says:

    I concur with Anon. If this really was a men’s restroom, there usually would be art. And by art I of course mean badly drawn and hardly recognisable primary and secondary sex characteristics. Especially if it’s at a place visited by students. Or in any kind of sports stadium (doesn’t matter whether the restroom is for the sportsmen or the spectators).
    Not to forget that some of it and of the writings wouldn’t be by sharpie, but actually carved into the walls and door in some way.

    Unless at one school I once attended, where writings on the walls were consequently followed by the restroom in question being closed to students for a week or so. No one wrote into the stalls at that school!

  15. drmike says:

    Of course it’s clean graffiti!. It’s written by a girl. 🙂

  16. Taco-Pony says:

    So the bathroom graffiti at EIT functions like the internet… but in reverse… Based on the neatess of the handwriting, everybody who writes the graffiti is female unless pics are involved

  17. solar penguin says:

    If American gents washrooms are anything like English ones, it also needs a lot of highly offensive racial abuse, and similar abuse directed at people who support different sports teams from the writer. And gays leaving their contact details. (The two are not connected.)

    When I was a student, back in the 80s, i saw a long chain of washroom graffiti that started with a racial slur, but the writer had written the insulting word in singular, not plural:

    w*g out now

    who the hell is w*g

    wheres your ?

    wheres YOUR ? ?

    why doesnt your ‘?’ (the first one) have quotes around it?

    why aren’t you using apostrophes?

    You all think you’re so clever, but why aren’t any of you using capital letters?