43 – Laundry Spider Part 2

43 – Laundry Spider Part 2

Happy New Year! Look! Another color strip!

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Chris says:

    How very festive!

  2. Kataklysmos says:

    Widescreen link is broken for One in a Million but the Laundry Spider works just fine. Thanks!

    Also yay color.

  3. Jinx says:

    I seem to recall that there was going to be a bra dangling….change of plans?? otherwise…. Very awesome!

  4. Myra Safetydance says:

    hoshytz. UNDERPANTS

  5. Estutnick says:

    Loving the color! Can we get another?

  6. Nancy says:

    Jinx? Are you the guy with the jmkit website?

  7. FreeFlier says:

    It’s the Giant Spider of Odal.

    . . .

    That calls for fire support.

  8. FreeFlier says:

    While we did have laundry spiders, none were like that . . . which was a good thing. I shudder to think of the firepower that might have been unleashed!