430 – Wolf Tale Part 2

430 – Wolf Tale Part 2

The story continues.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Hey – don’t call someone else a “peon” like that. It’s called “tempting fate,” and if you do, you’ll probably get a horrible hand the next round and be unable to get the lead even once. Then you’ll be the greater peon, and how will you feel then?


    So, anyway…

    I like Jordan’s expression in the third panel. It’s sweet and lovable and totally contrary to everything that WiredWolf stands for. (At least, everything she wants you to /think/ she stands for.)

    Also, who else thinks that Libby is named and characterized based on the TV Tropes article “The Libby”? Her personality seems to match, and Jenny is a known TV Tropes addict…

  2. MrGBH says:

    OMG, like I totally, like, hate people who use the word like, like, way too much.

  3. Psychlycan says:

    I know in real life, what would most likely explain the transition is that she looked up to the blonde, even in an adversarial way, and willingly let herself become the blonde out of respect, and her antisocial behavior is due to her refusal to accept who she became. Or I could be completely wrong and missed the target by a football field.

  4. Andy4Hire says:

    Er, I’m less sure than some of you seem to be that Jordan eventually becomes WiredWolf42. Not that I’ve ruled out the possibility, but it seems unlikely. Compare today’s strip with, say, Friday’s: Jordan’s skin tone is darker than Wolfy’s. Hair, OK, that’s easy to dye, but skin? Not so much. (Jordan’s blue dog t-shirt makes a nice red herring, though.)

  5. Renold says:

    Well, if Jordan is WiredWolf42, then something obviously happened to make her more of a recluse between then and now. Lack of sunlight = paler skin.

  6. Hmm, what if this is all a fanfic that WW is reading? 😀

  7. Naes Draw says:

    @Andy4Hire: That could have been a tan, ‘Present Wolfy’ seems a bit less likely to get out and see the sun. Could account for the change.

    Or this is just trying to throw us off. *shrug*

    Weeee shall seeeeee.

  8. Domo says:

    Wow Dreamer, I took ‘WW’ as Warwick, the werewolf from LoL… I think I know what champion Wiredwolf plays

  9. JustSpeculating says:

    Um. I thought Libby was the one who ended up as WiredWolf?

  10. Bill M. says:

    Y’all are wrong, they did the Potara earrings fusion.

  11. Santa Clause says:

    I have a list and checked it twice, I know if WiredWolf has been naughtly or nice…

  12. River says:

    Now whats wrong with peons? Without them the horde wouldnt be able to expand its bases and build farms

    Zug Zug

  13. Andy4Hire says:

    @Naes Draw: Could be, yes–hence my “Not that I’ve ruled out the possibility” disclaimer. But Jordan’s last name (Alinejad, as in Strip #429) suggests ancestry from Iran or somewhere thereabouts, which would make it plausible, though certainly not inevitable, that that slightly darker tone is her non-suntanned default.

    @JustSpeculating: Could be; I’ve thought of that possibility, too. But WiredWolf42’s off-panel line in Strip #428, where she says, “Been a while now, hasn’t it, Libby?”, would seem like an argument to the contrary–unless, as may well be the case, she’s speaking to some former version of herself.

    So, yes, our beloved Wolfy might be Jordan or Libby or some third character who hasn’t yet appeared in this flashback, and until Jenny tells more of the story one can argue for or against any of those possibilities. “Weeee,” as Naes Draw says, “shall seeeeee.”

  14. Psychlycan says:

    I’m now surprised that nobody has noticed how cute Jordan looks in the last panel.