431 – Wolf Tale Part 3

431 – Wolf Tale Part 3

Whoever guessed Iranian descent was correct. I put an awful lot of thought into naming my characters. My friends tell me I put too much thought into it. I’m a huge etymology nut, and naming is super important to me. I agonized over every single name in this comic, save for Libby — she was pretty obvious.

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  1. Sejanoz says:

    Well, judging by Jenny’s comments, I’d say that should end the arguments about who ended up being who.

    For further clarification, go to TV Tropes and look up “The Libby”.

  2. Sejanoz says:

    Whoops, forget what I just said, was thinking of a different trope.

  3. styg says:

    Every name I don’t recognise, I’ve been looking up the origin of, so the work has not gone unappreciated!

  4. Andy4Hire says:

    The thought you put into naming your characters is one of the reasons Enjuhneer works so well. The characters are more believable that way. Dickensian name-caricatures are a little too over-the-top to be credible most of the time, and there are only so many Smiths and Joneses you can put in a strip before you start to look lazy, you know? Or you could go the other way and just start combining random syllables, but that can result in names so clunky and ugly they actually detract from the reader’s enjoyment of the story (*cough*JackLChalker*cough*). No, Jenny, in your case I say, good work!

  5. Lukkai says:

    You know, I’m making good use of names lists when naming any rpg pcs or npcs. And these lists are usually sorted by language and cultural background. And as far as working on those characters names go: I sometimes create actual family trees, going back two to five generations for them! (Even if the other entries, save parents and siblings, are no more than name, age and profession.) It gives a character much more depth, gives you a lot of starting points you can later expand on and does not take [i]that[/i] much of extra work.

  6. LA says:

    between the blonde hair and her secret love of the pink sweater, I’ve just assumed WiredWolf = Libby….I’m just not sure of any other way to see it.

  7. L says:

    I like this arc so far, lots of suspense!

  8. Santa Clause says:

    Poor Libby, it was such a terrible event that jordan decided to dye her hair so she could be more like Libby

  9. Andreas says:

    just sayin here….but do none of you who think the blonde is wiredwolf see the DOG on the other girls shirt? x3

  10. DG says:

    Also, in http://www.enjuhneer.com/archives/428-baiting-the-wolf, or the beginning of this arc, wiredwolf mentions libby…so unless she’s referring to a past self, which seems unlikely, wiredwolf must be either jordan or some third character we haven’t seen yet.

  11. Geno says:

    Then again, Libby is wearing pink/magenta… Remember the pink sweater-gift?

  12. Joseph says:

    Um… I’m pretty sure Libby isn’t WiredWolf. Libby’s hairstyle and build don’t match WiredWolf’s, and WiredWolf was the one who said, “Been a while now, hasn’t it, Libby?”

    (I checked, and yes, WiredWolf’s off-panel speech bubbles have always been blue. In fact, all but one of them were that particular shade of blue.)

    It’s still possible that neither of these two is WiredWolf, but I would have expected Jenny to have already introduced the other character if this was the case.

  13. FreeFlier says:

    I’d been thinking Jordan turned into WiredWolf42, but now I think Libby will . . . I can’t say exactly why, aside from the three color issues.

    As far as build, I wouldn’t expect WiredWolf42 to eat right . . . I’d expect her to be either overweight (too much junk food) or significantly underweight from not bothering to eat.