438 – Wolf Tale Part 10

438 – Wolf Tale Part 10

And so it begins (ten strips in).

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  1. River says:

    I pity Jordan for whats coming, that grin of Libby’s cant be a good thing.

  2. Psychlycan says:

    And I now have the urge to slice libbys head off with an ax. Crap, now I sound like the queen of hearts.

  3. Batman says:

    Libby is superstitious and cowardly: I will strike fear into her heart.

  4. Dingo says:

    I don’t like where this is going. we better have a towel and a box of tissues ready

  5. The One Guy says:

    I have no idea what she’s going to go, but man, in front of the whole school? Yikes!

  6. Lixie says:

    I have a bad feeling about this… ._.

  7. Josh says:

    For Jordan, I’m getting her an AK-47 for Christmas.

  8. Admiral Ackbar says:

    IT’S A TRAP!

  9. Santa Clause says:

    No need to get her an AK-47 for Christmas, Josh. I’m already taking care of it

  10. Wolf-who-watches says:

    This one feels like biting someone.

  11. FreeFlier says:

    One notes which someone.

  12. Wolf-who-watches says:


  13. Batman says:

    Santa, no need to get her an Ak-47, I have something better in mind and I don’t approve of guns.

  14. Ghostkeeper says:

    Finished plowing through the archive. Awesome webcomic here, Jenny!

  15. Josh says:

    Santa Clause & Batman teeming up!!??

    *Heart Attack*

  16. Josh says:

    Sry bout my last post, I meant to say teaming.