439 – Wolf Tale Part 11

439 – Wolf Tale Part 11

Oh Jordan, you poor dear…

There’s a version of this story that includes more events before the talent show. I might make the script for that available as a vote incentive or something after the story wraps, if that’s something that would interest you guys.

Sunday was Daylight Savings Time, and historically there have been issues with that on my webspace. That would be the reason this update may or may not show up on time. My IT friend is out of town, so let’s hope for the best!

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  1. River says:

    There is no single word to describe how i feel towards Libby for doing this bullshit, so ill settle with one phrase.

  2. Psychlycan says:

    Get me an axe, 5 minutes, and diplomatic immunity and i’ll set Libby straight. I have to remember a quote from GLaDOS: “We both said a lot of things you’re going to regret”

  3. Podima says:

    Yeah, I’d definitely be interested in seeing the previous script!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have never commented on any comic before, but I have to for this. Libby is one of the few characters in anything ever I would be happy to see fall into an industrial grade meat mincer. Whilst on fire. On her birthday. After getting no cake.

  5. Santa Clause says:

    It’s too much effort to even give her some coal

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think I’ll go find this Libby and teach her a lesson, a la ‘Dexter’.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So who exactly in the audience is laughing at this “joke”? I feel like there’s a paradox here. Tolerant, logical people wouldn’t laugh at such a terrible joke, and the racist bigots who believe all Muslims are terrorists wouldn’t laugh at a 9/11 joke… So who’s left?

  8. Aust says:

    I wonder if there is an impending wolf-out here somewhere… ’cause I know I’d certainly like to see her get mauled.

  9. Joseph says:

    I can think of a few understandable reasons to be laughing at this.

    • If you aren’t aware that this is targeted at a particular person, you might think that the hyperbole was intentional and that they were making fun of bigots.
    • If you can guess at some of the context, you might be laughing at how horribly thought out this is. (Seriously, Libby? Are you trying to lose your position?)
    • You might not be paying attention, but you still pick up on the inflection in the second person’s voice indicating a joke, so you laugh automatically.
    • For some absurd reason, you think Libby is cool, and you feel that you ought to support her no matter what she does.

    Ok, so they aren’t that realistic. Probably the only realistic reason I can think of is that your views match Libby’s (which can’t be that common at a school based on RPI).

    Chances are that not that many people are really laughing, and it just sounds like it (especially to Jordan). I’d bet that most of the audience is sitting there in silence, stunned at how stupid and petty their class president is being.

    Remember, as a rule of thumb, the loudest 10% of the population makes so much noise that it sounds like 90%.

  10. Batman says:

    Hmm, no laws broken, regardless I think I’ll take Libby to meet some real terrorists; sometimes it’s worth investing time into fighting social injustice. Also for the time being the Joker is in Arkham.

  11. Domo says:

    @ River, I have a word for it: I megaloathe Libby

  12. Dingo says:

    That’s how mad I am.

  13. Dingo says:

    * message is rated MA 18+ and won’t be displayed (self censorship)

  14. River says:

    @Domo if youve read 8 Bit Theatre you know that it is Omniloathe, “To find repugnant in all possible ways, conditions, and variances IE: All terrorists Omniloathe joy”

  15. Josh says:

    Jordan, I recently had a meeting with numerous individuals who are more than happy to rip apart Libby limb from limb. Some of them sent me resume videos, which are right. Send me a message as to which one you want to hire, and they’ll arrive at your place in a day.


    Freddy Kruger


    A Pack of Vampires

    A Horde of Zombies (2 videos, actually)


    I’ll let you know if anyone sends me more. Until then, I hope you’re okay.

  16. Zai says:

    Oh, come on, there have to be teachers watching this. And among them, one who gets who exactly Libby is taking a shot at- and any good teacher, in this situation, would snap Libby back so hard she’d think she was a preschooler again.
    But… I honestly can’t think of anything bad enough for this girl.

  17. FreeFlier says:

    That’s actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be . . . not at all subtle, for one thing, so Libby should get smacked.

  18. Domo says:

    I’m aware of omniloathe, I went with this though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tqa4sxJVY8

  19. @ Joseph
    Another reason they could be laughing is out of a sense of fear/awe towards Libby. Based on her name, and the fact she matches the Libby page on TvTropes quite well, she rules the school. So a great deal of the people in the audience are either (A) close friends who are enough like Libby to probably have helped plan this, (B) members of the legions of zombie-like followers any Libby has under her control due to how she rules the school, and are thus laughing at the boss’s joke, or (C) are laughing because everyone else is laughing. Group Psychology and Sociology are interesting things to study, and explain a lot of how Libby would have a faceless horde that would think she can do no wrong.

    Speaking on Jordan’s side, I have a bad feeling about what will happen in the next few updates, especially if Jordan loses control of her emotions to the point of going from shock (this update), to horror, to betrayal, and then to rage. This will not end well.

  20. Lukkai says:

    @FreeFlier: Give her time. She’s only just started.

  21. Bill M. says:

    Wait… people are laughing… why are people laughing? Excuse me while I pull Jordan out of there, lock the doors, and then proceed to unleash my inner serial killer. Libby may be a B**** (yes, capital B, she’s that much of one), but the audience laughing are less than human.

  22. The Cat says:

    I kinda feel the laughing might be in her head. I mean, she’s so shocked right now, anything is possible.

    And I am disappointed in Libby. She did it all wrong. Racism, Lesbianism, and 9/11 jokes/insults are cheap and just plain wrong. If she truly wanted to break Jordan, there are plenty of other, much better, methods that require more skill and are more tasteful.

  23. Lukkai says:

    The people in the audience very likely don’t have the background knowledge we do.

    If that’s the case, then all Libby and her comrade did so far on stage, was no more than a cheap joke on people many in the audience will loathe or like to make jokes about. Which will bring up a few laughs for sure.

    Or of course they could know about Jordan and all. In which case they’re utter bastards, but again the laughs shouldn’t surprise anybody with a some experience with your average crowd.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So she dresses Jordan up and colors her hair, making her look as far from stereotypically Muslim as possible (looking indistinguishable from a white person, in this comic universe)… Then makes fun of her for being Muslim? I don’t really get her strategy here.

    I mean, it’s not like she went around in a burka before. It would be like if I told somebody in passing that my family’s Jewish, and they put on a yarmulke and pretend to speak Yiddish (neither of which I ever do). I mean yeah, that might be offensive to my heritage, but it doesn’t exactly have anything to do with ME, so it just comes off as kinda stupid…

  25. mightycleric says:

    I think the reason they are laughing is because high school is a place where immaturity and laughing at the new kid are seen as the norm. There is no such thing as a topic that is off limits for joking about for many high school students, especially the most popular ones.

    The joke was stupid, petty, and tried to be as offensive as possible, which is why I wasn’t a bit surprised that everybody in the audience was laughing. Luckily, most people outgrow high school behavior (or never participated).