441 – Wolf Tale Part 13

441 – Wolf Tale Part 13

So Libby’s a little traumatized and rather disturbed. And now she’s wolf chow.

See you Friday.

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Discussion (21)¬

  1. Yup, Jordan just went big-furry-mauling mode.

    The question is, what kind of mauling will she use?

    …or Emotional?
    As in making Libby see just how wrong she was.

  2. Joseph says:

    It looks like the dialog boxes in panel 2 are reversed.

  3. [Student name here] says:

    My reaction (in this voice): http://youtu.be/157IexINK5o

  4. The One Guy says:

    So that’s why she did all this? Wow, Libby is either a complete idiot or extremely blinded by grief. Then again, it’s not like she’s the only one to think all Muslims are terrorists. :/

  5. River says:

    The dialog in panel 2 is reversed.
    Also its a shame that people like Libby are still stuck in the cycle of hatred.

  6. Batman says:

    Libby was horribly misguided, however she wasn’t evil and even if she was I don’t condone killing.

  7. Wolf-who-watches says:

    One approves . . . so far.

    Mean-one should be scared.

    Very very scared.

    . . .

    Mean-one is stupid.

    Very very stupid.

  8. FreeFlier says:


    So, we’re back to where WiredWolf42 could be Libby again . . .

    After all, getting chased by an outraged berserk werewolf would be plenty traumatic . . .

  9. Wolf-who-watches says:

    . . .

    One notes that.

    /smug noselick/

    One notes that Mean-one should not be killed . . . this time.

  10. Josh says:

    As long as there’s gallons of blood, I’m happy.

  11. Santa Clasue says:

    Christmas came early this year

  12. Taco-Pony says:

    Ummmm… based on how the head is turned relative to the shoulders, neck – and in particular the arm bending – I’m pretty sure that just snapped her neck ._.


  13. Portgas D. Ace says:

    taco, i completly agree with you. also, take into acount the lack of shirt neck in image, meaning her head just did at least 225 degrees of turn… ow.

  14. Critter Rhode says:

    I’m with Taco and Portgas, it looks like Libby’s neck is snapped. I don’t like what Libby did but I don’t think she deserved this.

    And is it Friday yet? I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  15. Jenny says:

    @Everyone who noticed the second panel problem:

    Fixed. Thanks for catching it!

    @Everyone re: Libby’s broken neck

    Keep in mind that this is a flashback/memory sequence — even the omniscient-looking parts. They both have been traumatized, and that probably colored how Jordan remembers the event or thinks it happened.

    … I get way too excited when my story is actually getting through the way I want it to.

  16. Josh says:


    So, is Libby dead, or what?

  17. Andy4Hire says:

    Like (probably) all your readers, I’ve been aghast at the things Libby’s been doing to Jordan, but I have to say, Jenny: Bravo for giving Libby a backstory and reaction that make her at least a little sympathetic in the first four panels, even as she receives her due comeuppance in the fifth. It’d have been easy to make her a generic bully whose hate had a discernible object but not a discernible cause, especially if we’re supposed to sympathize with Jordan through most of this story arc, but you acknowledge here that even people who are doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons (a) are still people and (b) still usually have reasons. Well done.

  18. Andy4Hire says:

    Er, for the record, I’m also with those who’ve said that, however appalling her actions, Libby doesn’t deserve death. I’m eager for Friday’s comic, or whichever one explains how Libby’s neck didn’t really snap and it just looks that way here because events get distorted in flashbacks, like you hinted in your comment, Jenny. *cough*

  19. Domo says:

    @Jenny, I think the problem is that up until this point we didn’t have anything like an unreliable narrator, yes it’s a flashback but I had assumed it was from the perspective of Tales (the entire set up led me to believe Tales was delving into the past)

  20. Izzy says:

    @ Jenny
    Just a quick question
    if Wiredwolf smacked Libby with her right paw wouldn’t her head have turned in the other direction? You know the head moving with the momentum of the slap and all that jazz. Or are you trying to tell us that her head did a 270?

  21. aceplughead says:

    Wow, Jenny, REALLY loving this storyline. Incredible payoffs with so little setup, and heartwarming/heartbreaking characterizations. Most importantly, an emotional impact that transcends webcomics and catapults straight into graphic novel territory. #awesome