444 – Wolf Tale Part 16

444 – Wolf Tale Part 16

Poor kid.

I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday have a fantastic one! I’ll see you Friday, though potentially with Turkey Day filler, depending on how much turkey fills me.

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  1. River says:

    We had our thanksgiving last month since we’re in canada but we’re gonna be having turkey again this weekend.

  2. corvuscorone68 says:

    turkey is good in a sammich with cranberry sauce and cream cheese and a small amount of red onion and lettuce and the bread should be good too

  3. Aust says:

    Sad, really, to see such an energetic, outgoing young woman turn into a grumpy recluse because someone couldn’t get their head around the fact that not all Muslims are bad.

    And I work retail, so y’all cross your fingers for me. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. D:

  4. Josh says:

    Jordan, after what you went through, I can only sympathize with you.

    However, don’t let the actions of one douchebag (sorry for the language) turn you into a douchebag yourself (again, sorry for the language).

  5. Ouch. Well, now we have three reasons for why Jordan/WiredWolf42 pushes people, especially friendly people, away.

    One is the obvious desire-to-be-alone-to-protect-self thanks to everything Libby did.

    The second is probably because overly friendly people remind Jordan of who she was, and how naive she was before the first wolf-out.

    Third is as a warning to everyone else. As angry as Jordan might be at Libby, she (Jordan) doesn’t want to risk going wolf and hurting anyone.

    P.S. Hey Jenny, any plans for making bound copies of the comic at any point?

  6. MrGBH says:

    I agree with the third point of the person above me. It makes sense that if everyone she cares about is on the other side of a monitor then there’s no chance of her getting angry and hurting them.

  7. Santa Clause says:

    Yes, bound copies of the comic would make an excellent Christmas present.

  8. Domo says:

    I’ll warm her icy heart with a cool island song

  9. Wolf-who-watches says:


    One notes that people cannot hide forever.

    One notes that this one can help.