445 – Wolf Tale Epilogue

445 – Wolf Tale Epilogue

So that was WiredWolf42’s story. It’s the longest story arc on Enjuhneer to date, and probably the hardest one to write. Eventually each character will get something similar, though hopefully not all as dark as this one was.

It sounds like you guys really appreciated this story. (It’s hard to say “enjoyed”.) I know it’s a weird, different turn for Enjuhneer, since the comic is usually gag-a-day. However, this comic is still an experiment for me, and it’s been quite an experiment writing something significantly less Enjuhneery with one of my girls. If this wasn’t your cup of tea, thank you for bearing with me. We should be back to the hijinks for at least a little while very soon, before I tackle another interesting problem (read: the next question).

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  1. Sejanoz says:

    Heck of a story you wrote, Jenny! Was glad to read it.

    Pity Jordan/wired wasn’t able to get much closure regarding Libby. Also a pity she feels the need to act cold to everyone.

    The biggest pity? That that’s the way life goes for some people.

    Downer ending aside, you told a great story, and I look forward to the tales of the others.

  2. Well written Jenny. I can’t wait for the next character background.
    Keep writing, be it more serious story arc, or gag-a-day funnies, this is one of the best comics around.

    As for now, bring on the hijinks!
    *Cue Kali doing something with the microwave popcorn gun*

  3. Domo says:

    Oh, of course ‘enjoyed’ is accurate, I like a well spun tale dark or otherwise (or just strange) it’s why I watch Grave of the Fireflies every year.

  4. Santa Clause says:

    So tails can see into people’s souls by watching them from a window and then he immediately knows their history. That’s incredible! I wish I could do that.

  5. Josh says:

    Good story arc. I’m usually not up for serious stories, but this one was definitely an exception.

    If she could see the light at the end of this truly dank tunnel, perhaps things will turn out for the best.

  6. Tom M says:

    Maybe the reason the characters all retreated into geekery was a shared dark past?

  7. Renold says:

    The next question to answer: Doctor WHO?

  8. Josh says:

    @Tom M

    That’s definitely a good possibility. I can sorta relate, considering that I’ve had some bad things happen to me in the past few years.

  9. Bill M. says:

    Definitely appreciated the story, as I can tolerate a well-told story that has dark turns done properly. In comparison, another webcomic I read recently ran a very high risk of losing me as a reader because it also took a dark turn, however that dark turn seemed to come out of nowhere, since the character who had something very traumatic happen to her at the start of the arc went to someone for some advice because she was having relationship trouble. (If you can deduce the webcomic I’m talking about kudos to you.)

    Also, until this comic, I figured the wolf from earlier was symbolic. Wow. That makes me even more sympathetic to wiredwolf42. I just hope that not all of who was once Jordan, the innocent girl, is completely lost. That would make me sadder than Tails in panel 2.

  10. Josh says:

    Not only is Tails adorable & telepathic, he a friggen time traveler! How awesome is that!?

  11. Nylocke says:

    It was a really good arc, so says I: Nylocke Master of Giving Web Comic Creators Feedback

  12. Freak says:

    Meanwhile, on a completely different note, I agree with wiredWolf that fluttershy is best pony! (see poster in background, 1st panel).

  13. FreeFlier says:

    So, which way is she dying her hair?

    Renewing the blonde, or going back to the dark?

    And . . . Did Libby live, or not?

  14. Razmoudah says:

    Well, I held off on commenting until I finished the arc (since I’m archive running this I just felt it was appropriate), and I have to say that Libby got her Just Deserts for what she did to Wiredwolf42. Also, it’s going to take a very, very, very long time for her heart to heal from that one, and if that was her first love it’s hard to say if it will ever heal enough for her to get close to someone again.

  15. Keiya says:

    This… hit too close to home. Far, far too close to home. And Wiredwolf is doing better than I am, I can only *usually* control myself… oh god I’ll be back later I need to find someone to get a hug from.