450 – Occupy Equestria

450 – Occupy Equestria

For the record, I like a lot of what the Occupy movement stands for, and I dislike how they’re being treated. Maybe that makes me a naive optimist. Maybe my view is tainted by the fact that I’m a recent college grad struggling to survive in an America where 25% of my peers are unemployed. Maybe I’m biased because I have friends in the tents.

But I’ve been sitting here in this living room listening to idealistic malcontents and jaded cynics snark about how stupid the system is and I needed to artistically get it out of my system because I freaking hate politics.

(Seriously guys, pizza is NOT a freaking vegetable.)

So, My Little Protestor. Her name is Filly Buster, unless you guys can come up with a better, wittier name.

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  1. mneme says:

    Clearly, she’s Occutie Pie (or maybe just Ocu Pie).

  2. Patrick says:

    Actually, Congress said pizza counted as a *serving* of vegetables because of the tomato sauce, not that pizza *is* a vegetable.

  3. Santa Clause says:

    Filly Buster and Tails are the most requested toys from all the children this year!

  4. MrGBH says:

    Sure, I’ll readily admit that I’m not informed enough to have a worthwhile opinion on this whole “Occupy” thing.
    But most people aren’t, including protestors.

  5. Dev says:

    Rocky Champlain. Now stick with me on this; think of the lyrics to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” The whole song has a man as he grows up, saying he’ll rock the world, the second verse has him waving a banner, and the last verse is finished by someone saying he should be put back in his place for trying to make peace.

    So, “Rocky” from “We Will Rock You,” and “Champlain” from the B side, “We Are the Champions.” Eh? Eh?

  6. Josh says:

    Angry Hobo?

  7. FreeFlier says:

    As I understand it, they had to class pizza as something (from a limited range of choices) . . . and they chose vegetable.

    Despite the fact that tomato is a fruit . . .

  8. banjo2E says:

    I like the idea of the protests, but I dislike the protests themselves. One of my friends works in Minneapolis and apparently the park/square where Occupy Minnesota was held was absolutely filthy from garbage that hadn’t been properly put away. For several weeks.

  9. Nylocke says:

    I support the occupy movment for I, Nylocke, Fighter of social injustice, always look out for my comrades in arms.

  10. Batman says:

    It’s a shame it’s so difficult to unravel or even obtain financial records from these corporations, and it doesn’t help that Scarecrow has teamed up with King Shark diverting my attention away from the issue. I am working to hang corrupt CEOs from tall builds soon.

  11. Josh says:


    I know you don’t use guns, but what about a grenade launcher?

  12. reynard61 says:

    The problem with “Filly Buster” is that that’s currently the mane (forgive the pun, it’s the Brony in me) tactic that the *Republicans* (y’know, the guys who are coddling the 1%?) are using to obstruct the passage of anything (laws, judicial seats, ambassadorships, etc.) in Congress. As mneme implies, “Occu Pie” or something similar would be better.

  13. KeyMakerAlchemist says:

    I agree with reynard61. Republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop/hinder any increases in taxes on the 1%, and so Filly Buster is probably a more accurate name for them.

    All hail Occu Oie!

  14. KeyMakerAlchemist says:

    Pie… Stupid new keyboard…

  15. Josh says:


    Here’s the theme music for Occu Pie!


  16. Batman says:

    Sorry Josh, tempting as that may be my process and standards prevent me from just blowing them all up in a big fiery explosion.

  17. Bill M. says:

    I know I’m not one of the uninformed, but it would help if they weren’t perpetuating that stereotype, what with the public urinations, defecations, and other -ations, that caused them to lose their permits. Also, they’re only worried about the financial situation in the U.S. because compared to around the world, with access to running water and other basics of life here, they are the 1% compared to the folks living on less than a dollar a month. That’s right, there are people in the world living on less than $12 a year, and whenever one of the Occupy Wall Street (or whatever city they’re in), it’d be nice not to hear someone use racism as an argument.

    Also, I’m all for her being called Occu Pie. Filly Buster would be a congress pony, however, that would mean something similar to the United Kingdom, since last I knew the MLP-verse was all about princesses.

  18. Bill M. says:

    Dang it, there’s no edit button. I was in rant-mode and forgot to add the word “speak” after the closing parentheses in my first paragraph.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hippy Campus. People think OWS is just a hippy camp, plus it’s the part of your brain that turns short term memories into long term ones, so she’ll remember all the stupid crap the government is doing now. Also hippo- is Greek for “horse.” Win win win.