454 – Presents List 2

454 – Presents List 2

Eirian’s is, naturally, on recycled paper in her favorite purple soy ink pen, and is entirely selfless and about charity.

The Wolf, naturally, calls her list up in Command Prompt and emails it to her mother. Her mother is probably used to this by now.

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Discussion (9)¬

  1. Josh says:


    Not to retread on previous stories, but how come Wolf’s parents didn’t step in to try and help their daughter out (other than moving)?

  2. Taco-Pony says:

    Wait… she want’s FLUTTERSHY. Not like… “a Fluttershy ______”, but JUST ‘Fluttershy’… I think me and wiredwolf42 are going to need some heated, but peaceful discussion over this…

  3. Batman says:

    *sigh* now I have to tail Fluttershy to make sure she doesn’t get kidnapped.

  4. MrGBH says:

    @ Batman: She already has the others.

    But Rainbow Dash is mine! She can’t have her!

  5. Josh says:


    You a brony? Cause if you are, that makes you more badass!

  6. Radylan says:

    Going to do a PWN boy’s xmas list?

  7. Wowzer says:

    I like wiredwolf’s list.

  8. drmike says:

    Only single terabyte externals? I would think she would go for the 3TB models. 🙂

  9. drmike says:

    another year on each domain name

    dang, I knew I forgot something.