459 – More Sorta Spoilers

459 – More Sorta Spoilers

MFW I heard about this.

Happy New Year from Enjuhneer! If I ever do a print version of this comic, I’ll probably draw a background for that second panel, but it’s kind of New Year’s and my EIT campus map doesn’t look quite ready to publish yet, so this works for now.

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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Domo says:

    It’s ok, both the special and the next season are pretty good despite her.

  2. L says:

    I didn’t like her either the first time I watched it, but I ended up liking her in retrospect.

  3. I’m actually gonna be kinda glad once you get through the season since I KNOW you’re gonna like Donna more than you think and then we can stop talking about this. >.>

  4. Renold says:

    I’ve watched the entire series twice, and Donna is still my least favorite character. BUT as Domo said, pretty much her entire season is amazing despite her.

  5. drmike says:

    What school is that? I have to ask. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Donna is very much the acquired taste, I am certain you will like her after Series 4.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I liked her after series 4 because you don’t see her again

  8. theoneandonly joseph says:

    donna was one of the best compaions. she took absolutly no nonsense from the docter and they had a realy good double act going.

  9. Nathanael says:

    Oh come on they all take an episode or two to get used too. That includes new doctors as well as companions. And Donna was an awesome character to spice things up a bit.

  10. Benjamin says:


    …still, give her a chance.

  11. xero says:

    relax we all had that reaction too but she’s actually awesome