461 – Cat Shops

461 – Cat Shops

The pictures are actually my mom’s new cat.

I’m finishing Tennant Who as we speak, and oh my goodness is it epic. You never forget your first Doctor (for me, that’s Eleven) but Ten is certainly… wow. Just wow.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Santa Clause says:

    I don’t understand these words and I speak every language on the planet…

  2. Josh says:

    Brutal & Metal cat pictures!

  3. Sejanoz says:

    Aww, your mother’s new cat is adorable! Nice captions, too!

  4. MrGBH says:

    “You never forget your first Doctor”.


  5. Andy4Hire says:

    I take it Series 4 Donna was not as offputting as you feared she’d be, then?

  6. Batman says:

    Catwoman must be absolutely livid over these.

  7. LordDragonfang says:

    Tennant too was my first Doctor (technically) and he defined who the Doctor is to me. Still, I have loved every bit of eleven more than I thought was possible.

  8. Josh says:


    I don’t think she would be mad. Truthfully, I think she actually makes these kind of pictures.

  9. Batman says:

    She finds it degrading to cats, she says this is beneath their dignity.

  10. Stenfrys says:

    Savour Tennant, he’s much better than the one that comes afterwards. The whole show gets a bit strange after series 5 🙁