462 – Game Unlocked

462 – Game Unlocked

Friends don’t let friends leave their computers unlocked and unattended.

Friends, of course, will teach you this by messing around with your settings, changing your wallpaper to something hideous/inappropriate/disturbing, editing your Facebook, gaining enough info to remote desktop into it later just to keep closing your open windows… or Kali will sign you up for live action role playing games.

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  1. Joseph says:

    I would probably figure out the screenshot one in under 30 seconds, except that I messed something up at some point, making it impossible to set a desktop image.

  2. Sejanoz says:

    Wow. It’s been ages since we last saw VISaTAn.

    LOVE the anguished look on Lyta’s face!

  3. Critter Rhode says:

    This reminds me of a time at an office I worked IT at. In the early win98 days we could connect to some of the sales computers thru shares and this one tech and I would change in the registry the wall paper settings. So the next time they logged in or rebooted the wall paper would change to some image on their pc or on a shared directory on the server. We never did any NSFW images. They would sometimes have customers in the office which could see the screen.

  4. The Cat says:

    I am the culprit!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!

  5. Josh says:

    Since when did Satan leave his laptop in the mortal realm?

  6. Santa Clause says:

    I remember when I would copy a folder named battleship onto my chief elf’s desktop about 100 times. Priceless

  7. Josh says:

    Santa, you have a naughty side!!??

  8. Metalwolf says:

    Everyone knows Santa is secretly the Joker. How else could he be so jolly? Don’t tell Batman, it might ruin Christmas for him or worse, he might ruin it for the kids.

  9. Batman says:

    I have lots of measures in place the prevent people from doing anything to the bat-computer

  10. Josh says:


    Santa can’t be the Joker! If he was, then they’re be a lot more dead kids in the world.

  11. FreeFlier says:

    I learned to never leave my computer unlocked at a time when I had to write my own lock program . . .

    I also taught a number of other students to never leave their computers unlocked by writing an annoying program that I ran anytime anyone left their computers unlocked . . .

  12. Rave says:

    We had school supplied laptops. If someone left an unlocked computer long enough, we’d switch it to dvorak, print screen the desktop and hide the icons, then disable the mice/touchpad. By the end of school, I think some of the guys could do that in under 20 seconds.