468 – Kali Helps

468 – Kali Helps

Something tells me that Lyta’s frying pan is in Kali’s future.

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  1. Santa Clause says:

    Someone’s adventuring days are over

  2. Batman says:

    I took an arrow the knee once then I smacked Poison Ivy in the face and stopped her from turning all of Gotham into trees.

  3. River says:

    @Batman, then you went on to continue fighting crime?

  4. RudiTitanic says:

    Is it me, or is Myra becoming ever-more adorable?

  5. theoneandonly joseph says:

    i must have one of those.

  6. L says:


  7. Psychlycan says:

    I used to be a student like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee in the shower.

  8. Aust says:

    I am so sick of the whole ‘arrow to the knee’ joke. I mean, really, it’s kinda lame.

    The REAL badass is the dude who’s like, “I used to be one of the Stormcloaks’ best fighters, until I took a sword through the chest.”

    I mean, he got a sword through his CHEST, and he’s still up and walking around. An arrow to the knee goes away with some Boo-Boo-B-Gone magic. A sword through the chest is usually instantly lethal, if I recall.

  9. Psychlycan says:

    I think stormcloak guy was lying. Then again, if he did get a sword to the chest, it was probably from an elf he pushed too far. And real badass is Dovahkiin. Kills dragons, gets shot in the knee, and everywhere else with thousands of arrows, raids tombs of undead monsters and gets to give a big F-U to the deadric lord of Azura by helping to bastardize her star. By the way, I finished the job with chest guy. He wasn’t that tough.

  10. Psychlycan says:

    Its not a meme until it starts a troll war.

  11. Psychlycan says:

    \\\\\\\ l>>>
    /___/ l>>>

    All your knees are belong to us!

  12. Psychlycan says:

    That didn’t go right

  13. Metalwolf says:

    You know times are tough when the gangsters cant afford ammo so they shoot people in the knees with crossbows.

  14. Batman says:

    Of course I continued to fight crime, batman has no limits.

  15. MrGBH says:

    I used to fight crime like Batman, but then I took a cosmic retcon to my entire continuity.

  16. reynard61 says:

    Wow, I bet *that* hurt…

  17. Batman says:

    I have a lot of friends that have had the problem, if you’re lucky they might reverse it.

  18. AflacMan13 says:

    I am the guy who shot the arrow.

    Unfortunately I missed and hit you in the knee instead of your head.

    Forgot to reset my Arrow Drop Compensator for the proper range.

  19. Psychlycan says:

    How has nobody made that yet by the way? You should make them and put them in a store online.

  20. nightarix says:

    @aust well no taking a sword in the chest isn’t instantly lethal. how lethal it is would depend on where the sword wound is, obviously hitting the heart is the closest to instant lethal you can get, but if it didn’t hit your heart and you got medical attention(magic or otherwise) fast enough you’d have a decent chance of surviving it

  21. FreeFlier says:

    Depends on the sword, too . . . a rapier or foil is most likely a simple puncture wound and quite survivable if you get good medical attention.

  22. Terion says:

    I have abstained from Skyrim for the time being, since I already am a year behind on my studies. I played Morrowind Alot. There however you could get so powerful that a sword trough the chest wasn’t lethal at all. Basically the only thing that could kill me was something that either:
    1. Hit more than my maximum hit points. Not that uncommon, as I played a magic focused character.
    2. Have more DPS than my regeneration.

    My character focus was magic specialising in the fortification arts of the alchemy and restoration school. Because of my powerful magic and the commodity of at least a minor chance to spell reflect (take full damage of own spell, no save) I fought with a long-blade instead. I had two strategies, one for open field and one for confined spaces.

    Open field: Boost speed & strength for huge amounts for 3 seconds, Dash in while readying a strike, strike, run away!

    Confined spaces: Regeneration + Shields, then take enemies down with the blade one by one, to minimise total damage received.

    Note: For uninteresting foes there was strategy III (Instant Immolation Indeed)

    Bonus: Using the third party program Morrowind Combat Enhanced, which allows you to use slow-time (you slow down yourself as well) at a heavy fatigue penalty, I used a 1000 points speed boost for 3 seconds. That way I could run up to, and kill, a remote archer that had just shot an arrow at me, then run back, make some circles around the arrow, and take it to the knee.
    Just because I could!

  23. Hobbes says:

    Because of my Japanese professor, I now know how to say the phrase in Japanese. But I took an arrow to the temporal lobe.
    Something tells me that this should become an Enjhuneer product… 😀