473 – Missing Myra

473 – Missing Myra

They’re playing Jungle Speed on the table there. Fantastic game. I’ve drawn about it before. It’s good. Go play it!

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Discussion (6)¬

  1. Medinoc says:

    Does that make me an insensitive bastard if that reminds me of this?

  2. solar penguin says:

    Things must be bad if Lyta is saying “Girls.”

  3. Charlie says:

    Angels assemble!

  4. the REAL batman says:

    It’s ok. I kidnapped her. Alfred is using his magic medic powers to heal her leg. Of course then, she will have to become my new catwoman and never leave my lair again! bwa ha ha ha ha.


  5. L says:

    Look! It’s a man dressed as a bat.

  6. Terion says:

    We’ve got Jungle Speed at home, but I’m far too slow to score any points, so I never play.