482 – Not My Problem

482 – Not My Problem

So… tired…

See you guys Monday! I have a surprise for you then.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Sejanoz says:

    As far as the surprise goes, don’t tell me, let me guess. Either:

    A) We’re going to get Renold’s backstory, just like we did wiredwolf42; OR
    B) We find out that Renold’s in love with Myra, but he loathes himself too much to do anything about it.

  2. The REAL Batman says:

    Surprise? The only Surprise I want is a batman related comic.

  3. MrGBH says:

    Da-amn. That is some seriously jerkass behaviour.

  4. banjo2E says:

    I hope this surprise is a blonde pegasus.

  5. Psychlycan says:

    He is a pretty big jerk, and seems to be equal amounts hypocrite seeing as he thought they were jerks for not noticing. As for the surprise, I hope its a surprise! I love surprises! Except that time it was just a surprise, that wasn’t nearly as much fun as you can imagine.

  6. Andy4Hire says:

    @Psychlycan: But does not hypocrisy require an element of deliberate pretense or deception (e.g., “I know I act like a jerk, but I say I’m not one because that’s what I want you to think”)? I’m not convinced that’s what Renold’s doing here. Sometimes what looks like hypocrisy is indeed hypocrisy, but sometimes it’s just an utter lack of self-awareness.

    (This, of course, in no way precludes Renold’s acting like an industrial-strength jerk, which he’s totally doing here.)

  7. Psychlycan says:

    @ Andy4Hire I believe, unless i’m wrong, something I can admit to, hypocrisy is the usually something along the lines of saying something derogatory, while doing the same thing itself; such as a person being a jerk, and calling another person a jerk. Basically the pot calling the kettle black. If I am wrong, then I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  8. Domo says:

    Hypocrisy is indeed the pot calling the kettle black, but how in Reynold doing that in any way?

  9. Psychlycan says:

    @Domo mostly his reaction to them in the previous comic a bit ago (calling the others jerks for not noticing) and now fully proving that he, himself is most definitely a jerk himself, thereby becoming a hypocritical jerk.

  10. Andy4Hire says:

    @Psychlycan: Well, yes and no. A jerk can call another person a jerk while still acknowledging his or her own jerkiness, in which case that’s not really hypocrisy. Meanwhile a televangelist who preaches about the virtues of holiness and presents himself as holy but embezzles from his own organization isn’t necessarily calling any kettles black, but most people would still agree he’s a hypocrite. The problem with Renold in this storyline–and the way he fits with your definition of hypocrisy–is that, despite his acting in a manner that we the readers recognize as jerky, he’s calling Julian and Nash jerks while believing (as far as we can tell, at least) that he himself is not a jerk. Whether his actions carry the element of deliberate deception or pretense to which I referred earlier, and whether such an element is a necessary part of “hypocrisy,” remain to be decided.