488 – Growing Up Larper

488 – Growing Up Larper

This quote from my friend’s Facebook says it all:

“So I have to admit, I guess there is a tiny itty bitty part of me that gets to put on a tiara and feel like an overjoyed four-year-old princess.”

Said friend also made me the greatest dress on the planet, which I will be wearing this weekend for Kings Musketeers at RPI! If you’re playing, say Aye! (And don’t tell me anything about your characters, okay?)

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  1. Psychlycan says:

    While I cannot larp, due to financial difficulties, I do have the interesting plan to build me a deep sea diving suit with several view-ports and a giant drill on one hand, and bringing my 4-year old niece along once I arrive in Florida, probably on Halloween. If this happens, I will get pics and send them.

  2. Paul Rapoport says:


  3. MrGBH says:

    While that is way too far for me to go for LARP, I am working on an epic costume for MCM Expo in London in May.

  4. Psychlycan says:

    This may be a random question, but how is it that penny has brown bangs, but red hair at the same time? Either her mother let her dye part of it, or it’s natural color. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.

  5. drmike says:

    So do we get pics? 🙂

  6. Bill M. says:

    Um, Psychlycan, some of us do have multi-hued hair. My hair is brown with red hues, my mutton chops come in really red, and my beard comes in with hints of blond. Chalk it up to my genealogy mixing enough to make me an All-American mutt.

  7. Psychlycan says:

    It was just something I noticed that I don’t see very often. If it makes you feel better, I get the weirdness where my eyes have blue and yellow, but the ratios vary sometimes to change my eye color. I just never saw the brown hair bangs and remaining hair red pattern.

  8. kateweb says:

    but I wanna be a knight .

  9. [Student name here] says:

    I hope the games went well! At the mention of your costume, all I can think of is this: