492 – Lazy Sunday

492 – Lazy Sunday

The best prank is the kind where you don’t even have to try.

Though, if Myra is doing well enough for Kali to prank her, she’s probably doing better. Hooray!

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  1. alexdarkangel says:

    Is Kali a fan of M.A.S.H? BJ did that to Hawkeye once.

  2. Sejanoz@gmail.com says:

    That’s spectacularly cruel.

    Yay for Myra being better!

  3. [Student name here] says:

    I love this approach to most things. I just smile… and someone somewhere gets VERY paranoid.

  4. Josh says:

    Ah Kail…you’d make a great Batman villain!

  5. FreeFlier says:


  6. Wolf-who-watches says:

    /toothy grin/

    One does not like the taste of kittens.

    /toothy grin/

  7. FreeFlier says:


    One notes that.


  8. Batman says:

    I’ve fought better invisible villains.

  9. Spike the Dragon Knight says:


  10. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    Also yay my survey worked!

  11. FreeFlier says:

    Glad to see Myra’s enough better to prank.