509 – When Media Collide

509 – When Media Collide

So this past weekend I played in Nexus, a theatrical-style LARP by SILWest that is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. It takes place at a science fiction convention, and Something Strange Is Going On. This conversation actually happened in game.

Have you guys LARPed before? No spoilers, of course, but feel free to discuss some of your spoiler-free experiences below! I’d love to hear what you guys have played.

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  1. Taco-Pony says:

    I’ve LARPED twice, it was fun on both counts, but that was because I knew the writers.
    Without any spoilers? My first LARP, I was a “main” character who’s entire purpose was to wander around being as derp as possible, in a LARP where everybody was being as derp as possible.
    The second one was significantly more fun, personally, but even discussing certain aspects of that character is a spoiler… I’ll just say that I was a character who knew everything that was going on… but was the most… I don’t even know how you would phrase it… It was special to say the least.
    (Omniscience is not all it’s cracked up to be. The more you know, the more glaringly obvious it is what you don’t know, like how all of the plots fit together)

  2. Mr. Torgue says:

    – Mr. Torgue

  3. Lukkai says:

    I’ve been larping some 8 years now, give and take.

    Mostly various fantasy, usually high-fantasy settings. Some cyberpunk in between. And then vampire.
    Longest running character is actually the very first I ever created. And it was for a high-fantasy larp. That one slowly went from young adventurer having enlisted to a town guard in a newly colonised frontier settlement to outright mercenary to the alchemist, dawdler and general businessman of a certain wealth he is now.

  4. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    I was impersonated Rainbow Dash because Twilight made me do it…

    That didn’t end well…

  5. AmonRamen says:

    It’s not my fault she was so jealous for no reason! I mean I tried to make her feel better by saying “I imagine you’re probably very pretty” and offering her a sour patch jelly baby, but she was even more cross…
    Oh well, for all her faults, I do care about her and would never leave her in the middle of nowhere.

  6. Princess Twilight Sparkle says:

    Spike also started writing Dash’s autobiography once.
    I once LARPed as a crazy pony, that led to Princess Celestia allowing my friends to write friendship reports and removing her requirement for me to write her a report weekly.
    There is no way an intelligent pony like myself could ever snap like that for real. No. Way. I certainly have always handled stress well. And Spike? Quit pretending to be Rainbow Dash unless you can actually pull off a Sonic Rainboom!