515 – DIY Media

515 – DIY Media

I supported this Kickstarter a while ago and finally received my full copy of Channel A, by the people who brought you We Didn’t Playtest This At All. I got to help playtest Channel A with Foam Brain Games a while back, so I knew I absolutely had to support this game. If you’re into improvisation, anime metahumor, and/or Apples to Apples-esque party games, this is for you. It will give you lots and lots of fun and is totally worth every penny.

Each round has a producer that draws five Premise Cards and chooses two. These could be things like Bloodsport, Schoolgirls, The Colorful World of Magic, or Lovecraftian Horror. Then everyone takes their hand of ten Title Cards, chooses up to four of them, and creates their title. Title Cards have common pieces of anime title on them, like Magical Girl, Lancer, Ninja, Honey, -tan, -chan, X, Z, R, V, 120% … the list goes on. Then you go around the circle pitching the anime series with that title, based on the premises chosen. Everyone votes on the winner. Hilarity ensues.

Short version: Go play Channel A.

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  1. Sejanoz says:

    So, it’s like Cards Against Humanity, only the point is to create fictional show pitches? Cool!

  2. Taco-Pony says:

    There’s always watching Ponies in Japanese.
    I call it “Not-an-Anime: The Anime”

  3. Mr. Torgue says:

    – Mr. Torgue

  4. Elemecca says:

    Huh. I’ve seen that done as a panel at anime conventions, usually called “Make That Anime”. The panelists take the role of producer and give you a title plus two to five tropes (premises). Each round two to five audience volunteers compete to pitch the best series, each with their own prompt. Usually one of the panelists injects commentary and quips by typing them on a projector. There’s also a hentai version. They do it at Fanime in San Jose every year, and I think the same group does it at other cons.

  5. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    I get the feeling this is how shows are pitched nowadays

  6. Mr. Torgue says:

    @Spike the Dragon Knight

    – Mr. Torgue

  7. DiamondMind says:

    I thought it said “A Channel” and got excited…