58 – The Third Degree

58 – The Third Degree

When your female friends want to meet your (possible) new boyfriend, they secretly wanna run him through his paces to make sure he’s up to snuff.

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  1. kataklysmos says:

    Though let’s hope they don’t make sure *everything* checks out…

  2. Peter says:

    That’s *so* Corey.

  3. komradebob says:

    Kirk or Picard?


  4. tigre says:


  5. werekitty says:

    Subtitles all the way!!! GO ANIME!!!!!!

  6. Felix says:

    I check out on them-apart from one thing.
    What in the name of the great Whedon is Klaatu?

  7. Jenny says:

    ::goes bug-eyed::


    Watch that version. Don’t watch the new version.

  8. Joseph says:

    I haven’t seen any Star Trek except The Wrath of Khan and the new prequel, “Star Trek.”

    I’ve heard “Klaatu barada nikto,” along with the explanation (at least twice, I think), but I wouldn’t have been able to recall it offhand.

    I didn’t understand the “dubs/subs” question at first, mostly because I always see it referred to as “dub” or “sub.” I fully agree with sub, but I thought the question had something to do with sandwiches (my answer would still have been sub, probably).

    Even though I would have failed this, I was able to pass my geek check by choosing, as my preferred superpower, a real-life undo command. I am a geek; I’m just not that into movies.

  9. fic7i0n41 says:

    1. Neo Kirk might actually give Picard a run for his money. Props to komradebob for picking Janeway.

    2. Should have been “Barata Nikt*achoo*”

    3. Definitely subs.

  10. The One Guy says:

    @komradebob: Yes!

  11. Bill M. says:

    1) Kirk out of those two, but I prefer Sisko.
    2) verata necktie
    3) Both, depends upon the voice actors as to which I’ll prefer.

  12. Joseph says:

    Saying there are six star wars movies isn’t *that* bad. It’s certainly much better than saying there are seven…

  13. black draco says:

    1): none, i prefer Sisko… he is the only one i would but chaotic alignment on XD
    2): Sadly this is one i also would fail…
    3): depends on how they are done… englis dubs are “usually” bad, but once in a while they are rather good. ex. Black lagoon cannot be seen if it is not the dubbed version 😀

  14. Razmoudah says:

    You also need to give the dubbed version of .hack//SIGN a try, or heck just listen to the English voice-overs for any .hack game or nearly all games published by NISA. Yes, there are some horrid dubs out there (Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, the worst of the worst, nothing could possibly be that bad), but there are a few really great ones as well.

    I never would’ve gotten that second question.

    And as for the first….tie between Kirk and Janeway, they’re both awesome captains. Not that Picard was bad, but Kirk and Janeway were the best.

  15. Alex says:

    I always go for dubs unless they’re unbearably terrible, because I can’t enjoy the full animé if I’m always looking at the bottom of the screen.

  16. Adept Arcanist says:

    I prefer dubs, in general. Much nicer to be able to make out the emotion in the voices and such, rather than having to read the anime and miss out on any subtext in the delivery of lines.