59 – All Fixed!

59 – All Fixed!

In a little bit of deus ex let’s-move-on-already, Penny returns from going home to get her tooth fixed. Now on to better Valentine’s Day related things!

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Mistlan says:

    This comic is really cute. 😀 I love how you’ve portrayed geekdom.

  2. Felix says:

    Have you seen the new Trek film?

  3. Jenny says:

    Not yet. ::grumbles:: Each opportunity I’ve had, something gets in the way. One of these days!

  4. 00Davo says:

    Now that Penny’s teeth are fixed, they vanish forever. Until they become plot-relevant again. 😉

  5. Bill M. says:

    Yay! The one with fractals. I wonder if I still have the laserdisc of it…