61 – Bonus Strip: 1234567890 Day

61 – Bonus Strip: 1234567890 Day

Backposted bonus strip from February 13th. Originally found in the vote incentive.

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  1. Kaitlyn-Geek cubed says:

    i probably should know this but…whats a UNIX clock?

  2. Anonymous says:

    UNIX is the OS that all linux-derivatives are based on . . . as well as BSD and therefore the current MAC OS.

  3. cbhacking says:

    More specifically, UNIX time is recorded as seconds (or some fraction thereof, like miliseconds) elapsed since a time (the first second of January 1, 1970) referred to as the epoch. The reason computers keep track of dates/times using systems like this is that it’s possible to represent the time simply as a number, which computers can easily store and use.


    At my university we crashed the freshman Intro to Programming class to celebrate 1234567890 day. Fortunately the instructor was a cool guy who let us hijack the projector for the occasion…

  4. patrick says:

    On a related note, we’ll have the even nerdier version of y2k in 2032 if there are still any systems running 32bit at that point; because the unix clock will overflow.