66 – Memes in the Classroom

66 – Memes in the Classroom

I sat through ten minutes of Leekspin once, just to see if I could do it. I certainly couldn’t do two hours.

Also, Psi was the closest I could get to a W, so that’s really Rho Psi Nu (PWN). At the time that I made the frat name, it didn’t exist as a real frat. (I wanted to go with Lambda Upsilon Lambda (so you could “do it for the LULz”) but that one actually exists. Weird.

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  1. fic7i0n41 says:

    Bah Leekspin, it’s all about Numa-Numa or Caramelldansen

  2. I spewed fruit punch gatorade when I hit “leekspin” … my two sonz.. no.. wait.. 50nz.. gamers and geeks both, once were on a obsessive leekspin THING.

    I hid the laptop.

  3. mightycleric says:

    Just found this website, and I’m loving it so far. I just wanted to say that a lowercase Omega actually looks like a slightly curled “w” and even though all caps are normally used, I can see them using lowercase for the pun (like they used “Rho” instead of “Pi”). It also provides the added boost of providing the proper sound.

  4. featherbrain says:

    Combine them all! Rick Astley sings Ma Ya Hi, with the majority of the footage consisting of Leekspin!