74 – Spring Break in NYC

74 – Spring Break in NYC

Forget the museums, forget the restaurants, forget the sightseeing. The first thing you do on a trip to NYC is play Super Mario Galaxy on your boyfriend’s grandma’s Wii.

Also, I suck at drawing Go, apparently. I’ll try again later this week.

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  1. Renold says:

    I loved SMG. I beat the entire game in about two days, and it hurt to move my wrist afterwards. 🙁

  2. sam d says:

    fun game though, i definitely liked it

  3. sam d says:

    btw great comic! keep up the good work!

  4. fic7i0n41 says:

    Nope, first thing to do in NYC is to go to the Japanese style karaoke box at 48th and 1st. Maybe followed by Kinokuniya bookstore.