82 – Kali Gets Her Character

82 – Kali Gets Her Character

Kali decides to try LARPing for the hell of it. Why not, right? She’s got an IRL “Invisible” ability card.

(Note to new larpers: PLEASE don’t talk about your character before game. Spoileriffic.)

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  1. Renold says:

    (Note to veteran larpers: PLEASE don’t talk about your character before game)

  2. Dromeda says:

    There are also times when it would be useful to know who you should interact with in-game, b/c going around peering at nametags and cross-referencing gets annoying sometimes.

    (Note: this is not to say that you should read your character sheet over a loudspeaker. But if, say, there are people you’re supposed to work with or know about, just for convenience’s sake, it can be nice to know who that character is IRL.)

    And then there are the people who can’t keep themselves from metagaming, and thus should not be allowed to talk about their character OOC at all before the game.

  3. Jenny says:

    ::shrug:: I played in a game after having read someone else’s entire character sheet, and despite interacting with that character at various points, nothing horrible happened. Playing without metagaming really isn’t that difficult — I don’t understand the freakouts regarding it.