83 – No Strangers to Hacking

83 – No Strangers to Hacking

Nothing is safe. Not even your carillon. The 1337 hax0rz will nevar give you up.

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  1. Myra Super-80sDance says:

    But will they run around and hurt….your ears?

  2. senrath says:

    The carillon where I go to school plays multiple different songs. Yesterday the 8am bells played “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.

  3. BlueRose says:

    The RPI Caerillon courtesy of the class of 2008…and we never have to listen to it.

  4. I’m glad people were able to recognize the bells 🙂

    It was a tad hazy until the chorus, but that gives me hope that the accepted students there may, too, have enjoyed the show. Thanks for including it in a comic!

  5. keith_m043 says:

    So you were Rick Tolled?