The good news is that I have the rest of this arc mapped out. The bad news is I’ve felt like absolute crap all day, so what would have been today’s update wasn’t gonna come close to completion tonight.

Instead, you have a sketchy doodle of possible foreshadowy doom (and Tails).

Sleep need. I’ve had four nightmares this week. Let’s not go for a fifth, mmkay brain?

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  1. Sejanoz says:

    Sorry to hear about your nightmares. It should be Libby who’s having them! Mind you, by the looks of that picture…

    Given that the text & Tails are the same color, is Tails saying the text in-comic? Or am I reading too much into this?

  2. River says:

    First Skyrim, then the fact that a very horrible fate will probably be visited upon Libby soon has made today one of the best days ever

  3. Batman says:

    It doesn’t matter what you wish, MY PARENTS ARE STILL DEAD!

  4. The Cat says:

    The whole “Wishing on 11/11/11” came from the fact that the ‘1’s look like birthday candles.

  5. Baughbe says:

    Wow, hope the nightmares go away. It may seem non-related, but watch what you have eaten when you get them. Balance out your stressors by taking a mini vacation of some sort. Go to an amusement park, a hiking trail, something outside normal routine. Good luck and feel better soon!

  6. L says:

    Feel better!

  7. Josh says:

    Perhaps this might make you feel better:


  8. FreeFlier says:

    So . . .

    next up . . .

    “When Tails Attacks!!!”

  9. Santa Clause says:

    11-11-11 means Christmas is only 45 days away.
    Ho Ho Hooray

  10. Josh says:

    @Santa Clause
    You still sending Libby that nuke for Christmas?

  11. Josh says:

    “Welcome to the worst nightmare of all…reality!”
    – Pinhead

  12. Wolf-who-watches says:

    One would be pleased to assits Two-Fluff-Tail and Sometimes-Wolf if they would like one to do that. /noselick/

    One does not approve of mean-she.