Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey guys! It’s Memorial Day! It’s also the day I’m moving to my new apartment, so I apologize for the filler. Hopefully I will be completely moved by tomorrow and I can resume strips on Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience, guys! Hope your barbecues are fun!

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Lem_Gambino says:

    Ahhh, the good old Bunsen Burner. Nice.

  2. Baughbe says:

    Ah, I remember chemistry class. It was great until the S’mores caught fire…

  3. Al-Briaca says:

    Why am I staring at the flag of France?

  4. Kast says:

    What Al-Briaca said. Struggling to work out what the flag, marshmallows, sausages and memory have to do with one another. I’ve got ‘red white and blue’ and guessing some kind of rememberance day but I’m drawing a blank on the food.

    Of course I could just google it but where’s the fun in that 😛

  5. Jeff says:

    That’s a really scary hotdog 🙁

  6. Jenny says:

    It still boggles my mind that I have international readers. Sorry!

    Memorial Day is an American holiday at the end of May where we celebrate and appreciate the people who’ve gone off to and/or died in wars by having barbecues, parades, and taking the day off from work. It also happened to be the weekend I was moving to my new apartment (which is where I am now!) so I used it for the strip.

    Also, it wasn’t meant to be a French flag — I was going for red, white, and blue, and had to rush to get this done before I started moving stuff.

  7. Yuriy says:

    The colors are actually very common, especially in developed countries. Look at Russia’s flag.

  8. mnementh says:

    Speaking as a male… this image makes me cringe.

    Put the weenie down and slowly back away…