I hate that word. That word translates to “death” in this industry.

Enjuhneer is going on a brief hiatus so I can spend that time building up the new comic. I plan on coming back to this, and I see this hiatus lasting two weeks to a month while the other comic is in development. This is the first time I haven’t updated Enjuhneer (short of being super super sick those two times)… in its entire run. I’ll probably chicken out and update anyway, but I do want to spend this time starting up the new strip.

And given the overwhelmingly positive response from Wednesday, it sounds like you guys would like to see this happen too! I heart you all so much.

Keep an eye on this space and my Twitter. You’ll see status updates there, and when I have enough stuff to show, I’ll of course post the link here.

Thinking about doing an Enjuhneer Formspring while I’m on hiatus. I don’t like the idea of Word of God canon, but I’d be happy to entertain questions about inspiration or clarify/explain things I didn’t get across as well as I’d hoped. Is this a thing you guys would wanna see/participate in?

Oh, and here’s a wallpaper I made for you while I’m away. The updated cast book will see a release soon too, when I finish drawing and fact-checking it.

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  1. Sejanoz says:

    Looking forward to your new work, Jenny!

  2. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    Good Luck and don’t forget to post a link to the new strip when you finish it!

  3. Josh says:

    You go girl!

    I will definitely miss Enjuhneer while you are working on the new comic, but I look forward to the new comic as well.

  4. The Arc says:

    Well, time to take Enjuhneer off my bookmarks. Good luck.

  5. Baughbe says:

    Good Luck and looking forward to your new adventures.

  6. 21reader says:

    its on hiatus…..meaning its on hold for now. just as long as you dont say dead, im happy as a clam 😀 looking forward to this new comic of yours, also great wallpaper, imma use it for my ps vita 🙂

  7. Batman says:

    My parents are dead, your comic yet draws breath.

  8. Andy4Hire says:

    Yeesh, I go away from my computer for three days, and look what I miss.

    Jenny, as much as I love Enjuhneer and as happy as I’ll be to read more of it if and (*ahem*) when you create more, you do what you feel like you need to do. You’ve earned a “Yes, I’ll eagerly try any new comic you come up with” from me.

  9. Josh says:

    Diablo 3…WOOT!!!!

  10. drmike says:

    I have to admit that I’m missing your Enjuhneer updates….

  11. tdb says:

    Sooo… Any new on anything?

  12. Devils Advocate says:

    Looks like she lied to all of us. It does not take months to start a new comic. Especially if she wanted to do it for a while. This feels more like a “I don’t want to do low viewer online comics anymore”

  13. @ Devil’s Advocate

    She’ll get back to us when she gets back to us. It actually can take more than a month to set up a new comic, especially if you are trying to draw a bunch of the panels so you have an update buffer, are also working on the same kind of buffer for your original comic, and actually have a job.

    Life is unpredictable, deal with it.
    If you want to give up and not wait for an update, you can do that.
    Some of us will keep waiting because we have faith in someone’s creative process and integrity.

  14. E says:

    That, Devils Advocate, is the wrong way to get her to show us shiny new stuff. Guilt trip works so much better.

    On an unrelated note,
    Jen, we’ll all sit here patiently and check in every day or three until you show us some stuff! But no hurry. Even if it takes a while we still love ya and we’ll still be here. Waiting. and waiting.

    and waiting.

  15. Krampus says:

    So wonderfully passive aggressive, I’ll see you this December.

  16. L says:

    We can wait

  17. E says:

    In all seriousness I know how difficult/time consuming starting a new project can be since Im in the planning phases of a new project myself. She can take whatever time she needs so long as she produces some good stuff.

  18. Josh says:

    You still alive hun?

  19. L says: