Homage #2 – Penny: The Book of Enjuhneer

Homage #2 – Penny: The Book of Enjuhneer

I love this strip. Really, really love this strip. I’m kinda proud of how well this homage came out. Wonder if Mr. Lem likes it?

One more on Friday, and it’s gonna be crazy to draw. Hopefully I will finish the Tails minicomic in time for next week.

Discussion (11)¬

  1. beermeplease says:

    Got to love the bunny comic, excellent characters you created.

  2. Kast says:

    I now half expect these three to appear in a future Bunny comic. Cause Lem’s nice like that.

  3. Renold says:

    I approve of these shenanigans! 😀

  4. HotchPotch says:

    I do’t get who’s on the far right, and what are they holding?

  5. Jenny says:

    That’d be Kali. Rabbit ears seemed more appropriate in this case than her usual Santa hat, and I gave her back her dots to emphasize the invisibility. She’s holding a frying pan, or Insert-Bludgeoning-Weapon-Here.

  6. Mikey says:

    ha ha ha ha, I love it.

  7. CyberSkull says:

    Got here off a link on Wapsi Square, read the whole archive and have bookmarked, fed and delicioused the comic.

  8. Baughbe says:

    OK, I’m gonna own up to this one. Don’t know it. I knew the XKCD, but not this one. Who is it? I just know it ain’t The Book Of Biff.

  9. senrath says:

    Baughbe, it’s Bunny!

    Also, there is a link posted directly below the comic 😛

  10. Domo says:

    wow, I’m GLaD you posted a link to the comic with the art style you were doing; I thought you had done a terrible job emulating Chobits