Many Ponies

Many Ponies

I noticed I got linked on Equestia Daily about the same time I started playing with this awesome Pony toy . I made the above thing and thought it was cute so I’m using it as Connecticon filler while I prepare for the AWESOMENESS that is Connecticon.

Thank you GeneralZoi, for being way more awesome than me at Flash and ponies.

Come see me! I’m in the Artist Alley and you loooooooooove it. I’ll have buttons! I’ll have sketches! I’ll have adorable Baby Tails plushies!

Discussion (9)¬

  1. nightarix says:

    interesting… because the complaint will eventually be posted there’s no cutie marks on them

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s the Santa hat, but I’ll still always picture Kali as having red hair now.

  3. MrGBH says:

    Penyy’s Cutie Mark would obviously be a pencil. Kali’s would be a pane of glass (Completely see-through). WiredWolf’s would be a laptop.
    Not sure about the others though.
    (Oh, and Rainbow Dash is my favourite pony.)

  4. Kill_Meister says:

    I love the wiredwolf reference

  5. Scootaloo says:

    They all look so old and they still haven’t gotten their cutie marks yet. Don’t worry everypony, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are on the job!!!!!

  6. D’aw, those are cute!

  7. MrGBH says:

    Why’d you have to provide a link for a pony creator? I keep being sucked in to making more ponies.

  8. Taco_Pony says:

    Soooo AWESOME! /)^3^(\
    Also, now I’m just wondering what Lyta angry ponified looks like…

  9. nightarix says:

    @mrGBH i think lyta’s would be the symbol for venus(cause its also the symbol for female), not sure what myras would be, maybe a question mark? due to how long it takes her to get things. >.< can't recall the far left ones name don't really have any ideas for hers anyways