People Cooler Than Me

So I’m officially part of the Capital Comics Collective. Turns out there’s more than one comics person in the Capital Region (thank freaking goodness). Here are some of the folks affiliated:

Emily, of  Someday I Won’t Suck and here be her blog

Eric, here be his site

TJ, here be his blog and this is him too

Craig, here be his blog

Randy, here’s his site. If you’ve been in the upper levels of the JEC, you’ve seen his work. Also, he created PUCKMAN. No, really.

Jess, of Chester 5000XYV (NSFW) and here be her site

Jorge, of Jorge Comics

Matt, here be his site

and Laura and Caroline, who I haven’t met yet and I don’t have links for yet…


  1. Draconis Noir says:

    Not had anything to do with pokemon since the second generation came out, and I just got 74 right off the bat. What does that say about me? Oh – and did I beat Wolf’s score?