Report: Connecticon 2013

Report: Connecticon 2013

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! I didn’t know I was even going to Connecticon until… gosh, Wednesday? I spent all of Saturday there, and it was, as always, a total blast. Ran in to so many people, did so many cool things…  I always love Connecticon and it’s always a pleasure to be there.

… and I should probably crash now.

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  1. Princess Luna says:

    Doth mine eyes deceive?
    A “pony mod” in mine own image?

    Dear sister tells me tis like a statue but… not.

    We hath seen the comparison, but do not understand the appeal. However, ponies have been known to keep effigies of royalty to honor them, so we are most enthused that you wish to honor us.
    Your loyalty will be rewarded in due time.

  2. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    I wish every pony had an effigy of me as well.

  3. reynard61 says:

    @ Princess Luna:

    #1. SQUEE!!! (fanboy-type)

    #2. I have my own effigy of you, but it’s a custom-made plush. (Don’t worry about my using it for, shall we say, *untoward* things. I’m a fan and loyal subject, but I’m not like that…)

  4. Mr. Torgue says:

    HA, YOU WISH!! Ò‰ Ò‰ Ò‰ Ò‰ Ò‰
    – Mr. Torgue

  5. Princess Luna says:

    We thank thee, Sir reynard.
    But what, pray tell, do you mean by ‘untowa’-

    Excuse us, we have somepony to talk to

    Good Sir Torgue, we require your aid, as we cannot think of another better suited to this task. We request that “Earth” be the landmark site of a grand spectacle: the largest explosion. Ever.

  6. Taco-Pony says:

    So the best thing you did at a convention… was go to a movie theatre to see a blockbuster.

    Seems legit

  7. Kyle says:

    Just discovered you’re updating again. Yay! You’re back!

  8. UP says:

    Ill agree to that Pacific Rim is my movie of the year so far. Basically, PR>MoS>Iron Man 3