Report: CTCon 2010

Report: CTCon 2010

Oh my gosh I am so tired, but this weekend was SO worth it!

Yeah, you read that right. My friend and I got to go to dinner with Sohmer and Lar and company, who were amazing and hilarious and awesometastic folks. Seriously makes me wish I wasn’t so darn shy around new people. Also makes me wish I wasn’t fangirling so damn much. 😛

Seriously though, Lar and Sohmer are awesome and if you don’t read their stuff yet, you should.

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  1. FoamBrain says:

    I’m glad you had a good time 🙂 Thanks for coming with us!

  2. Thamios says:

    Was the “Pokewalker” cosplay someone as the device itself, or as the kid in the ad for it? Also, Pictures? =D

  3. Mark says:

    I met those guys at the New England Webcomic Weekend last year, and was impressed with how down-to-earth they are considering their awesome comic empire. I still use a LICD tote bag they gave away there. People look at it funny at the grocery.

  4. OceLemur says:

    Hey! I too use their tote bag! It’s a great pseudo-suitcase/laptop bag…