Sleep Is For The Bus

Sleep Is For The Bus

At least, that’s how it is in my head.

PAX East! Wheeeeee! Super excited. I’m getting on a bus at stupid o’clock in the morning. So sleepy… so worth it.

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  1. AflacMan13 says:

    Reminds me of my two times at NTC.

  2. AflacMan13 says:

    Also, because this has NEVER happened for me before…


    I know it’s bad but ya gotta gimme it just this once.

  3. mneme says:

    See you here!

  4. Hobbes says:

    Eh, WBC for me.
    Werewolf and Cards Against Humanity – only after midnight… The second game of Werewolf starts after 3 or 4… Then the tournaments start at around 8.
    We, the con goers, say sleep is only for the weak. And those who foolishly forgot to bring enough energy drinks to keep the southern half of Africa raving for a fortnight.

  5. Spike the Dragon Knight says:

    Yay Pax!